Provide Commerce / FTD (4/12 – Current) San Diego, CA.   
Senior Director, Acquisition Marketing – FTD, ProFlowers, RedEnvelope, Shari’s Berries and Personal Creations

  • Scope increase to include additional $127 million in revenue encompassing Paid Social, SEO, PPC and Group Buying with a team of 20 and very limited agency support
  • Drove quadruple (‘13) and triple digit (’14) growth in paid social program through increased testing, improved targeting, audience expansion and calculated risk-taking
  • Quickly identified shifts in the search marketplace and capitalized by becoming the dominant player in PLAs, growing the channel incrementally 167% YoY
  • Built out in-house social capability extensively through evangelization and financial justification
  • Identified and onboarded incremental PPC/PLA partners (e.g. BoostCTR, Channel Advisor) that increased program effectiveness and efficiency, ultimately reducing associated program costs by 12%
  • Developed and put into market long-term app strategy to increase re-purchase rates between 17-23%

Provide Commerce (4/10 – 4/12) San Diego, CA.
Director, Acquisition Marketing – ProFlowers, RedEnvelope, Shari’s Berries and Personal Creations

  • Hired as Director of SEO, quickly grew program from $13 million in annual revenue to $38 million (2nd/3rd
    largest channel for the business lines)
  • Scope increased to include $96 million in revenue across Affiliate and Radio/TV programs, Virtual Currency,
    Corporate Partnerships (Amex, eBay, Amazon, etc.)
  • Re-kindled fading affiliate relationships, turning them into top-performing partners and growing the affiliate
    program by 43% ($4.2 million) between ’11 and ‘12
  • Defined and deployed social media strategy across all brands and demonstrated self-sustainability in first 18 mos.
  • Successfully tested into new opportunity areas (Spotify, Bing Rewards, credit card partnerships) that represent a
    combined $4 million in recurring annual revenue

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